One of the biggest areas of profit loss for construction companies is due to theft of equipment and supplies. More than 70% of this theft is carried out by employees and contractors working on the project. Nobody questions them when they pick up materials from the site and leave with it on their trailer, costing the contracting company thousands in losses. BETT Security prevents these losses by monitoring access to construction sites and logging movement of equipment and materials. With a strong authoritative presence, BETT Security has successfully deterred and prevented theft, vandalism and other undesirable activity at construction sites.

Our relationship with our clients is built on proven effectiveness and reliability. With random supervisor checks, we ensure that security guards are following guidelines established by both the Construction Company and BETT Security.

BETT Security employees consistently provide a superior level of security for our clients. We achieve this standard through careful screening and hiring policies, comprehensive training, and regular evaluations. All BETT Security personnel are subject to thorough background checks and must also meet current requirements for training and licensing.

Protect what you value most. Protect with Bett Security.